Sunday, September 26, 2010


It was Sunday evening and after few hours of reading as a case study, I decided to go for an evening walk. After coming home, I was willing to watch a good Hindi Movie. (free of cost-off course through Idiot Box)Sometimes I wonder why they call it an Idiot box anyway. I don’t know if it’s everybody’s experience or not, but when you have time and you want to watch something good, it decides to show programs of useless quality. (I guess due to this people started calling it an Idiot box)
Anyway, it was an exception today and there were few good movies to watch on TV. 1. Three Idiots (which I have seen from start to end for like millions of times and even studied it during my script sessions.) 2. Akshay Kumar;s Khiladi (good movie I must say, it was a good effort.) 3. Vinod Chopra’s PARINDA.
No need to say, I decided to watch Parinda and ther were several reasons for taking that decision. 1. Vindo Chopra’s awesome script and film making. 2. Madhuri Dixit. 3. Every character looks real in this film. Nana Patekar. I have great respect for him. If you want to see his real work, See Marathi Play “Purush”, Nana has played –ve role in it. Wonderfully played, what an actor and for that matter even I loved Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor in Parinda.
It was the first realistic Gangster film in Hindi Cinema. It’s a story of two brothers trapped in a Gang War. There struggle, family issues, Main Mafia Anna (played by Nana). Parinda was a critical and commercial success, and the official Indian entry for the 1990 Academy Awards.
I will recommend this film for everyone who is interested in seeing quality and serious film. I had a great time watching it and writing about it.
Anand Pethe

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Honest Comments on my debut novel 'just another LOVE STORY'\

1. Ashay Javadekar (my UDCT batch mate now pursuing PhD in USA and already produced and directed two short films)

Dear Anand
I read your book. Congrats!
Some more dramatic moments in the relationship between Anita and Anand
would have enhanced the story more. You should try making a film out
of it.


2. Nihal Parkar (brilliant Scientist, My friend.. with mind of guys like Newton and Einstein get the picture,,)

Hi Anand,
I got the book by mail the very next day after I ordered it, and as soon as I got up today, I read it.I liked it a lot. It took me through many emotions. I kept laughing out loud at many moments, and felt sad at others. It was a very entertaining read. It also reminded me about life at UD. I could visualize it like a movie.
how much is fact and how much is fiction?
Thank you for writing the book. It added something positive to my day today :)

3. Amar Pethe (Engineer by profession, working with JET Airways)

Hi Anand

I completed reading your novel and it was kinda good effort.
If you could digest my FRANK opinion, I felt like CONTENT are according to its name "JUST another (COMMON) love story". My expectations were too high.It should have been some exciting love story, kind of entirely different, "NA BHUTO NA BHAVISHYATI" kind of.
There are several Bollywood movies having this kind of story so readers like me (again I am not good reader, I admit), who likes something NEW, did not get that out of your novel.
Again sorry if I demoralized you, but thought of giving you FRANK opinion so you could consider this in your new writing.

4.Krishna Jarag (Pursuing PhD in Chemistry from Dyes Division, UDCT)
dear aanad, i read you novel.gr8 work yar
wachayla ghetlyavar zopach yet navati
tula patnar nahi, rahileli mi dusrya divshii sakali pahte 4.30 la uthun vachat baslelo.
pethe sala mast lihalays. mhantat na je n dekhe ravi te dekhe kavi
imagination mast aahe karan story dhopatmargane jat nahi madhale twisthi mast aahet

i really feel proud yar ki mazya javalach mitra sundar lekhak hi asu shakto.
i will try for publicity in ICT.

5. Dr. N. Sekar (Professor-Dyes division, UDCT)

Dear Mr Anand
Your novel gave me a live reading. Well done. All the best for future endeavors.
N Sekar