Monday, March 8, 2010

Come On Screw it, Let's Do It- Branson

Come On Screw it, Let's Do It.
I have added first two words in one of Richard Branson’s favorite sayings.
Anyway let me tell you today about somebody who I consider one of my IDOLS.
He was born in Hyderabad and Film crazy kid I guess from the start itself. He went on to study Chemical Engineering at Osmania University, Hyderabad. No surprises there but here come the biggy, he went on to pursue M.S. from one of the top notch universities in USA. He completed his graduate studies from Georgia Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering. Then he worked as an Environmental Consultant . Along with that he attended workshops in Film and Television. He soon Co-produced and directed short film called ‘One culture at a time’.
Soon thereafter, he decided to come back to India to pursue his all time dream to become film maker.
I think this was the first bold and risky step to leave everything in hand, JOB, settled life, corporate career, and most Important Money. Here is a difference between common man and extraordinary person. For me, whether or not he become successful is irrelevant. When he decided to follow his dream and took (which so called “idiotic”) decision of leaving everything and coming back, he became hero for me.
But he realized afterwards that he didn’t have enough money to make a film. So guess what, he again went back to USA and worked for few years and then returned to India in 1998. He stayed in Mumbai for a year and realized that his style would not suit the bollywood milieu.
So he decided to produce his own film by investing the money he made from his engineering career. He made his first film on the flat budget of just 17 lakhs. He shot the film in just 17 days. He Co Produced, Directed and acted in it. It became most successful INDEPENDENT FILM in India. And it is known as “Hyderabad Blues” and the Film maker I am talking about is one of my Idol s in the entertainment industry NAGESH KUKUNOOR.
He has never looked back since. He has made some wonderful films and most important intelligent and different films from all those bollywoodish kind of movies.
Few examples being,
DOR, ROCKFORD, HYDERABAD BLUES 2, IQBAL, Bollywood Calling, 3 deewarein etc.
He is today acclaimed and successful famous and rich director and producer and actor. Believe or not his decision of coming back and follow his dream was an extraordinarily risky and bold one. Its one thing that he got success in what he did. People would say he was lucky. I can’t imagine what would have happened, had he got failed in what he did? What would have happened, had his film did not become successful?
But that’s the way it is. There is no free lunch. One has to pay for it. One has to take risk in pursuing his dream. Hats OFff to this unusual talent and my IDOL.


  1. Cool Anand, His life is really inspirational.

  2. Since u like reading here...

    Typo ahe

    "Hats OFff"

  3. blog name madhe Barnson zalay re Branson kar ;)

  4. i m following . keep posting :) ...

  5. cool....really inspiring story and seems like your'e following your idols footsteps now.. all the best to you for your adventure...I'm sure you'll get lucky too..

  6. hey this is nice work.....keep it up dude

  7. Awesome.............i have seen most of the mentioned films, but was not aware of the person behind it and his bold life story.............thanks Anand.....keep it luck.