Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank GOD… errr.. why.. thank me…|||

In the process of novel publishing, once publishing house signed a contract with the author, they ask for the whole manuscript of the novel for professional editing. (at least in my case.. as my English language is not that powerfulllll….) So about a month before my editor in rainbow publishing house started editing my novel. Few days back I started getting the edited chapters for my consent and review as author. They also gave me deadline which was very close.
“ I had some other work as well so I needed to finish it in two days” I thought.
She sent me 3 chapters the day before yesterday and sent the remaining 8 chapters excluding prologue and epilogue and asked me to review and give the script back for the second time editing and proof reading.
Few days back I used to think that writing is heaven but I got to know that its not heaven but it’s the place exactly half way between earth and hell if there is any…
It’s the most boring job ever to read over and over again and again whatever one has written. (My respect for the editors has increased enormously since yesterday.)
And at this point of time I realized that I enjoy conceptualizing plot and scripting a story but I am not quite enjoying this job of reading the same story that you yourself have written.
Anyway but I had to do it.. as I have taken the responsibility of being a novelist now..
Yesterday I decided to devote full day for this review and get it done by tonight. But..
I woke up late as I slept at 1 30 AM yesterday.. (was busy doing 1st writings for my scond novel..). So today I woke up at 10 o’clock. I had my coffee and sat for review.
I did completed two chapters and my comments till 1 PM and had lunch..then I sat again for review at around 2 30 PM .. but was feeling extremely sleepy.. so I slept and woke up at 4 13 PM..
I had tea and decided that I need to change the place so that I can concentrate fully on the work.
So I went in to shivaji park Shee Shee Dee for coffee along with my note pad and laptop. It’s a place where one can sit and enjoy the atmosphere, girls and what not..
So I sat and ordered usual coffee and started working. There was no crowd in there just a few couples. But man.. they were acting horribly…
The first place where I sat, there was one couple right in front of me. And they were fighting in public place.. not literally but cat and mouse fight.. they were having an argument over what to take to eat. Then that girl smoothly shifted the topic to his smoking and started throwing at him some bad words.
I could nt concentrate and I changed the place which was a complete corner of the shop. But my fate and me. I still could see one couple. And the thing was, they were sitting in the corner just in front of the table that I had chosen as my next spot. Boy .. that girl was HOT like …(opps.. this is public place I can’t express my inner feelings here .. can I?)..
And the boy was Punjabi stud types. And the funny part was.. when I was approaching the place, they were in the middle of passionate KISS…... (I guess they had no shame..It was they who should have felt embarrassed and stopped the act then and there itself but in reality they kept doing it.. )
I sat and started working. The kiss ended after a long time.. Then that girl started crying and was telling him how she missed him and bla bla bla..
My concentration went off just seeing that hotti…(In my defence.. I would say it was my moral responsibility to see that hotti in act of making… so..I don’t have to blame myself for not completing the work.. DO I?..)
Anyway so I returned home at around 6 PM without doing anything…
After Gym and dinner I sat for the work of review at around 10 Pm and finished it at around 4 AM , I sent the email back to the editor with my consent and changes and review…It was 5 AM and then I thought why to sleep now.. there was actually no point in sleeping for like 3 hours.
So I wrote this blog and reviewed it as well….
Oh.. GOD finally… FINALYYYY.. I completed the job required. .
Thank GOD… errr.. why.. thank me…|||… It was I who completed it…..

Anand Pethe.


  1. phuknya....pori baghat phirla nastas, ani ugach chavat blog lihile nastes, tar review lavkar jhala asta....btw try reviewing with a can of beer rather than will add that inner dard to your writing :-P
    btw...nice work and nice was very entertaining.....keep it up.....
    P.S: pustak publish jhala ki 1 copy mala post kar :-)

  2. Whoa! A new writer in making!! All the best Anand. Its great to learn about people who work to realize their dreams!!


  3. Andya sahi aahe re tu.... mujhe pahle se hi lag raha tha ye ladka aage jaake kuch karega... ;)... keep going!

  4. Hi anand,
    I never thought u culd write so interesting and funny..d most interesting was kissn...:)
    by d way informed me abt ur book publishing date..v eager to read ur book..may b ur first die hard fannnnnnn...
    n i got engaged on 11th april..sorry culdnt inform u

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  6. Where is this CCD? Can i help you in editing... ;)
    BTW... Good blog... entertaining one... keep it up... :) and good detailed observation in CCD... ;)
    Did u really went there to work with "concentration"? I bet you had some other plans in mind... You are now earching for stories... So editing to ek bahana hai...
    I am damn sure you are gonna to put this "scene" in one of your next novels.

  7. andya...jamlay tula mitra...CCDmadhe jaun review kartos.. ha "concept"ch khup bhari ahe!! nice writing!! :)

  8. Thnaks a lot mitrano... (Firends) for your support and love...

  9. hey nice stuff andya. very entertaining i was imagining the scene when i was reading :). it's so funny yaar...i hv to be aware of people like you who write things on couples. hahahaa....udya mala konabarobar baghiltas tr? you know what- sometimes it's nice to have some fun in crowd ;) and if it's in coffee shop like Shee Shee Dee or something it's not at ol shameful. we pay 100-150 bucks for a simple coffee yaar. then why not.? well, keep writing.send me a copy once it's out. hey while mentioning names of coffee shops n all pl take care..or sm1 may sue you for writing erotic stuff and connecting it with thr brand.

    i wud love to read your book if it's on real life experiences.

  10. good work anand! whether its ur writing or ur detailed observation at ccd :-)..........nakki kamach karayla gelelas ka..........?

  11. Great job man! Hope you do become an acclaimed Screenplay Writer. All the very best!

  12. Anand, you do seem to have your time management in place - considering you woke up precisely at 4.13 pm! [Time is the stuff life is made of, eh ;) ]

  13. Novelist Anand Pethe Shee Shee Dee madhe pori baghat firtos ... ani kay lokana kiss ani left breast varun hath firavtana baghtos... chaila (@!#$!@$#@$@) nakki pori bagaylach gela hotas na novel toh bahana tha ... Shivaji Park hah...
    Shee Shee Dee janyachi kay garaj...savarkaracha putlyacha ithe jayachas na shant pan ahe... cool Breeze pan ahe ani jast lafdi pan nastat.(maybe things could have change pan me astana porapori vali lafdi tar nakkich nasaychi tithe) :P

    anyways what happen to first novel send me A copy :P

  14. Anand Prakash Pethe, blogspot sarkhya open source var lihito and te sudha ase kahi, vachun malach laaj vatli..actually enjoy kele khare ani swatala samajavale...Novelist ani samanya manasat hach pharak asto....keep it up, now I am more eager to read your first Novel..I am sure nakkich kahi Chavat shorts capture kele asnar.....I believe tuzya sambhavya readers chi utkantha vadhavanyacha ha prakar...

  15. chavatpana nahisa zala tar ekdum best zala asta..:)
    jokes apart, i want to see the screenplay writer u want to be...because i feel u have the spirit to be what u want to..

  16. Arre Aandya!!Lokanchya privacichi lakhtare kadhhu nayet ha pahila lesson!! :P Dusara asha thikani jatana take ur gf along just keep u awa from distraction!! :P Kai hey ha?? you will be looked upon as a 'gentleman' (in few days) aanni hey asale dhandhe?? :P

    Pan on a serious note. :) nice blog!! Keep it up.

    By the way happened to ask number of that hotti?? :P

  17. Are tuza dinakram kaay lihilayas sondya? Ithe jara changala lihi, kahitari, "krantikarak, deshahitakarak, dharmopadeshak...."!!!! Finally editing kelas tyabaddal congrats! Ani take home message is, dusaryachya porinwar najar nako, get your own! Be original! hehe!

    Good writing by the way! He pahile lihiayala hawa hota na!


  18. didn't get any comment from any Gal...Well, the stuff was no doubt hot from boy's point of view! But to be frank was not so romantic....of course from Girl's point of view. Have you read Hridayastha by Dr. Alka Mandke? No, its not a love story pan Dr. Nitu Mandke ani Dr. Alka hyanchi bhet, mag prem ani nantar lagna hoiparyantache varnan etake mantarlele, prasanna ani sundar...thodkyat romantic kele ahe ki bass apan mohun jato tyat...parat parat vachave asa vatate ani pustak theuch naye ase vatate. Arthat lekhikene te mantalelepan swataha anubhavalele hote mhanu ti evhadhya takadine mandu shakali ti swataha lekhika nasun.
    i think you can pay attention to 50% of your readers too! (50% of the population is women)
    Keep writing.


  19. andya.....jekahi lihila ahes te chaan ahe but the doubt still remains.....tu kharach editing karyala gela hota???and dat too with concentration....tasa asta tar....u would not hv seen ne where else....but keep the incidences u dat u could include it in ur next novel.....but dont try to do 2 things at a time....u might mess up everything....

  20. Blog thoda change zalela disto tuza..looks better now :)

  21. aanand,
    tuze blog vachun maza pan tasa kahi lihinyacha vichar hota ---pan pudhachi balantapana mala zepanari nahit !
    vichar cancel !!

  22. Hi!!!!!!!
    When will come your fourth blog???