Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kites taught me a BIG lesson

Kites: Taught me a BIG lesson
All Roshans failed to roshan their name in their just released movie. It was a big disaster. First to start with the name.. what was there in that name? Kites??? Why? Asked myself Why? And the explanation given in the first two lines of the starting of movie did not make any sense..
I had read the reviews and had decided to not go with any expectations to watch it, but I have to watch it as it was one of my favorite directors who directed it, anurag basu.
The last three films of this man who had managed to come successfully out of blood cancer were huge hits. He had directed films like Life in a metro, gangster and murder etc etc..very good and more over very logical films. So why he made such an illogical disaster..??? I am clueless…May be a good director sometimes can’t give justice to some scripts I guess…
Though there were no technical faults in the film, it failed to attract any audience. Why?
Movie makers should keep in mind that audience should not feel cheated after coming out of the theater. That’s exactly what happened with kites. It had tremendous budget, facilities etc etc but unfortunately film had no sole. I am sorry to say but it failed to catch audience’s attention.
If a guy who is watching a movie could not put himself in the place of a hero or girl in the place of heroin, in other words if people failed to identify themselves with the characters in the movie, it is bound to fail/fell. Why we like Three Idiots so much? As we can identify ourselves with the characters in the film. This did not happen in this film.
The story was ok much as same like “Ek Du je ke Liye” of Kamal Hasan and Rati Agnihotri. Some what a similar plot but….
This but says it all…. It was hyped too much, people had too much expectations and it failed to attain them.
Barbara Mori looks cute though, I felt like I paid 100 bucks just for watching her for two hours on screen.
Lessons: Big budget, Very Good star cast and decent plot can’t survive if not screen played & directed properly.


  1. yes.....sometimes the expectations dont generally dont keep very high expectations from anyone.....

  2. wah..dar mahinyala ek blog lihitoes watta..good..keep writing..(haluhalu jara bara lihayla lagashil :)
    As for the movie, nowadays I have stopped expecting much from Hindi it didn't surprise me much that Kites is also illogical and no worth watching..
    I would like to read a review of "Rajniti" from you when that's out..starring two of my favorites ...Ranbir and Kat.

  3. hmmmm........guess i will still watch it for hrithik though.

    hi madhura, how r u?....r u on facebook?

  4. Hi..m so glad for u Anand.. that u have started this blog.. good.
    But see, u r an engineer by profession and writer by heart right? like that way only some movie makers makes films for money matters and also for their passion for their dreams.. as a writer u have to think on it.. he na..
    apart from this u r a great man..
    Dear keep it up..
    keep writing... my wishes are always with u.. he he bass zal na...?

  5. sure...i will not waste my time and money to watch this movie....he he he

  6. hmmm...certainly a useless film.....
    Shivani la khup avadli ti film.....she was like fully engrossed in hritik.....