Monday, June 7, 2010

Accepted, I was partly responsible but …

A bizarre experience that I underwent today was to lose a credit card. I have never gone through this till today so it was kind of novel experience and not to tell that I completely freaked out.
Anyway, it was not a stolen thing though; it was partly my fault and partly the machines fault that I used to remove the cash. I wanted to take out some cash so I went in to a ATM of a reputed nationalize bank which is near my institute. Not to tell there was no security guard around and there was nothing written on the door about machines ability to process the order…
I went in relax mood and came out exhausted. (No, don’t think ‘exhausted’ in that manner but somewhat worried and sad manner..) I inserted a card and after putting a correct pin... (I am saying correct as machine recognized it.) Which was accepted and I put the amount required and press the continue button. After few tries (Machine, if alive would have said..”abbe mere under kuchh cash nahi hai mein kahase tereko cash du..???” and would have given me a standard GALI.. anyway) I guess ATM machine gave up and without returning me my card it gave a receipt saying ‘Transaction failed’ and screen flashing ‘thank you for using..bla bla bla..’
So I lost my card, I did not get a cash and I had only receipt which said useless thing. A guard came in and said, “ sahib ye machin to chalu nahi hai?”
I (in agitated voice) “ tum kaha the? Or darvaje pe bhi kuch likhha nahi hai, mere ko kese pata chalega?
Abhi kya karu bolo? Paisa chahiye, card machine ke andar chala gaya..”
“ Me ek minute ke liye pan lane gaya tha ..”
I understood that there was no point in arguing with him and I would not get my card back through this hopeless discussion.
So I called up one of my friends who had gone through same, few days earlier and I knew it as I was with him at that time. Incidentally our cards are of the same bank so he had the toll free number So I got the number and called up and blocked the card immediately so it can’t be miss used. I felt bit relax then and I started walking towards bus stop rearranging my time schedule of tomorrow as I have to go to bank.
Consequences: I had no card with me right now. I need to go to the bank tomorrow and re apply for it which will take another 10-15 days to process and get back to me…
Conclusion: - Before going to ATM make sure that the machine is in use and not out of order…..


  1. dude...why use a credit card to withdraw cash from ATM? There is a very high rate of interest on that. Use your debit card :-P

  2. You should have hit machine hard, you never know, like local train railway fans, machine would have started working..:)

  3. Seriously why use credit card for cash withdrawal.........and go and blast those bank people for the pains you had to take.also dont pay any processing fees....and complain about the watchmen who didnt put any board......