Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sometimes unexpected thoughts visit us, our mind gets crowded with them and we have to make some special efforts to throw such negative thoughts out and warm up the mind with the energy of positive thoughts. I never expected that when I would see my name in the print form on the novel….
Just another LOVE STORY
A novel by- and then my name
Instead of becoming jubilant and enjoying the scene, I started doubting myself.
(BY D WAY I HAVE TO MENTION HERE THAT SEEING YOUR NAME AS AN author makes you feel very proud of yourself no doubt .. BUT.. )
By the way, today in the evening, I got a call from my publisher saying that they have sent my share of books to me and they will soon sent the novel to distributors and it’s the time that I should start preparing myself as my novel’s gonna hit the market soon for Post production activities and promotions etc..while this conversation was going on.. a courier guy came in and droped my books… (What a timing I thought)
And to tell the truth for the first time in this journey, I became bit scared. I don’t know what hit me. I started asking myself hell lot of questions.. Whether my efforts give me some kinda reward back?
Whether novels gonna reach to lot of people. Whether denying the paid publicity is a wise option? Whether .. how why when what ….
You know.. hell lot of questions made my evening miserable which should have been the most memorable evening as I saw my name as an author for the first time in the print form.
Again , you know people around you make your life miserable too. Everybody these days ask me for a free copy without even realizing the efforts I have made. Everyone gives me different suggestions especially to promote the book and the funny part is the suggestions many times are so opposite of each other that I became confused…
Anyway, you get the point. I ruined my memorable evening in to dark night by thinking about my future.
Well, that’s LIFE| You need to pay for everything.
I remember one of my engineering professors used to say, In life there is no free lunch.
Tomorrow I need to start up fresh again feeling all the positive points in my head and vomiting all the negatives.. Finally I am novelist. Finally my dream has come true Finally I saw my name in print on a novel Finally…. Finally and Finally….. HOPE FOR D BEST.


  1. Dear Anand,

    Heartiest congratulations of this great achievement. You have made us proud. You are an idol to many young and old people, you have shown how one man can rise from the most difficult of situations and reach his dreams. you have inspired me a lot. I look forward to not only buying your book , but also seeing it on racks in the US too. May you have the success you deserve. Best wishes.


  2. After reading your blog, I also realised my mistake. I did the same thing (of giving suggestions and asking for free copy :( ) with my another friend who published his first book in US. Name of book "BHARAT". Its available on I will not do same mistake with you. Will buy it from market at market rate, pls not from stations where they sell any book at Rs 50-60. Don't worry of ordinary ppl like us, you are extra ordinary so keep in mind "Aikave Janache, Karave Manache"..see I gave another suggestion. Ata thambavato. ALL THE BEST

  3. aandya!!gadhdya!! hech shikalas ka? :P
    Anandachya kshani radayala? :P

    Congrats dude!! :) Just dont think!! :) enjoy the eve with someone spl!! :P that'll be fitting celebration. :)

  4. congratulation..Buddy...It's just start...