Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Accidentally, I came across ‘tip tip barsa pani’ song While I was surfing through the channels. It had just started at that time and Akshay Kumar (the honest police inspector) was entering the arena with his umbrella, as the rain keeps pouring down heavily… unknown of the fact that Raveena, ( the reporter) girl he liked, would be there in that sensual look. At that moment the song starts. I don’t know how many of you would know the music director’s name but he has given such a beautiful and sensual music to make this song worth. I loved three things about this particular song. 1st. Gorgeous Raveena in her most sexiest look….(believe me.. she hasn’t shown anything.. yet she showed everything… ).. in fact that’s the most important reason why I love this song. There is always a charm in hiding everything yet conveying the thought.
2nd would be the atmosphere in which the song has been shot. Wow… and third.. the combined effect of Viju Shah’s music, good lyrics and lovely dance steps.. It simply made me feel like dancing in rain with ….
I completed watching the song and then I watched it again and again on the internet.
It had an engrossing effect on me. I just loved it. Among the few songs shot which had a sensual effect on audience, ( Madhuri’s’ Dhak Dhak karane laga’ or Sushmita Sen’s Dilbar Dilbar or Bipasha Baus’s Jadu Hain Nasha hai, or Kareena’s ‘ Ye mera dil pyar ka diwana’) that I like..Raveena’s Tip Tip Barsa Pani had a different place. (I am not talking about item songs here by the way.. these all songs have been filmed on lead actresses.)
Originally Divya Bharati was the lead. She was replaced by Raveena due to her sudden death. The film (Mohra) was a huge hit (year 1994). Still remembered mainly for the popular songs, like tu chij badi hai masta masta, tip tip barsa pani etc.
Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan’s lovely voice, Viju Shah’s effective music, Rain Dance with apt lighting by the cinematographer Damodar Naidu, Akshay kumar and Raveena Tandon’s on screen chemistry , effective dance steps made the song extremely popular.
The song keeps lingering on my mouth and Ravishing Raveena (in her sexy yellowish Saree only showing navel) keeps on appearing in front of my eyes each time I whisper.. tip tip barsa pani…..

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