Friday, October 15, 2010

We are responsible…for the mess aren’t we?

From today onwards, I guess he would never throw a remaining bud of cigarette on the road, at least not near Dadar TT I hope.
It was a usual evening like any other, people were returning from work. The Dadar station was very much crowded. We reached dadar station by 7 o’clock. Vishal had to buy some sweets for some personal reason so he and I were walking towards dadar TT. We stopped at a ‘TAPARi ‘near the station. Vishal is a chain smoker by d way. He asked the person to give him his usual brand. He lighted it and started pumping his lungs.
“Why do people smoke? What kind of joy smokers get after putting chunk of smoke inside their body and then throwing it outside, creating passive smokers?” I asked.
“Start smoking and you would come to know” Vishal said with a little arrogant tone. I shrugged.
We were walking towards Dadar TT’s famous Mithai Shop. It was a beautiful evening.
We were completely engrossed in talking regarding our office politics and didn’t realize that someone was standing few centimeters from us, closely observing us.
Smoky smokerson was about to finish his 6th cigarette for the day. He puffed the last turn and threw the cigarette bud on the road and as usual put a left feet on it. The moment he did it, two guys who were closely observing us till now, came to us (as if they were waiting for this) and said,
“Sorry dude, we are government officials on duty. Our job is to catch persons who are making Mumbai dirty.”
At first we thought, it was a big joke but then later we realize that they were not kidding. They showed us their ID’s and rules and regulation sheets etc.
“You have to pay fine for doing this. What’s your name?” One guy said and started scribbling down my friend’s name and his address etc.
“How much is the fine?” Vishal asked.. Now in bit worried tone.
“Only 200 Rs. Sir” He said. Shit hell… 200 bucks for throwing a bud on the road. This was first time, I was hearing it happening in India. Vishal had gone to Singapore and he knew the strict rules. So he obeyed them there. But when it comes to India, Look at the attitude of a person.
“Here is 200 bucks. Give me official receipt that I had broken the rule.” Vishi said.
“Sure Sir” The guy filled in all the details and gave it to Vishal.
“What were we supposed to do with the bud of cigarette? Should we carry it to our home? Vishal asked sarcastically while giving 200 bucks to that guy.
“Sir, you are supposed to put it in dustbin. There are lots of dustbins we are trying to provide. Also, you can smoke the cigarette near TAPARI from where you purchased it and throw it in dustbin near Pan Tapari.” He said coolly while giving receipt to Vishal.
He took it and we started walking towards sweet shop.
My friend LOST 200 bucks for simple mistake. But it was necessary. I hope he learned his lesson.
We all should become responsible citizens now and make INDIA a proud country.
After all we are responsible for this mess, aren’t we?

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